The VectorGen Approach

VectorGen’s ultimate mission is to develop a delivery vehicle to confer therapeutic genetic material to combat viruses that afflict humans.

Current Research and Development approach:

  1. Vaccines and related applications
  2. Microbicides
  3. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
  4. 3 tier pharmaceutical treatments

Pharmaceutical interventions can be effective at prolonging life, preserving T-cells, and reducing viral load, but:

  1. Expensive and requires ongoing (lifetime) cost
  2. Requires regular or daily administration
  3. Carries undesirable side-effects
  4. Eventual mortality as HIV develops drug-resistant strains

A new approach to combating HIV is essential

Our vehicle will introduce genetic material through a vector that will utilize a unique auto-regulating mechanism, giving it the ability to turn itself on or off dependent upon viral presence in the cell. This represents a breakthrough platform technology that will result in novel product(s) with significant social and commercial impact.

Our primary target is HIV.

We will pursue a research program to develop a delivery vehicle for therapeutic genetic material for the treatment or cure of HIV, as follows:

1)Engineer a genetic construct to turn on expression of the therapeutic molecule in the presence of infectious virus

2)Incorporate the construct into a viral-based vector

3)Integrate the vector’s cargo into a specific site on  a specific human chromosome, free of the risk of oncogenic transformation

4)Destabilize assembly of the HIV virus using the vector-encoded, therapeutic molecule

5)Auto-regulate the vector’s replication to shut it down upon elimination of the threatening virus

The ultimate commercial product will be a single-dose application that confers lasting protection against HIV infection for persons who are uninfected as well as those already infected.  This is a significant advance over traditional vaccines that can only protect the uninfected.

You can learn more about our overall approach, from the research to the business end, by visiting our Business Plan page.

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